Interior Plantscapes in Maryland and Virginia

Design and install - Interior Plantscapes - Maintenance 

Our designs transform open space into a gallery of nature's artwork. We will draw plans that effectively utilize your available space, climate, and lighting conditions to create a work-productive atmosphere. Our plants create a healthier interior environment by removing harmful toxins from the air in your workspace. 

The Plant Connection offers live plant service programs for all plant sizes, from large indoor plants to colorful small plants, and we assure you the quality care your plants deserve. 

Our technicians are extensively trained to address each individual plant's needs. Major plant maintenance factors are considered when caring for indoor tropical plants including; light levels, temperature, humidity, fertilizers, soil mixture, moisture levels, and pest control. We only contract for premium quality indoor plants that are sourced from our specialized greenhouses in Florida. We strive for excellence in maintaining the natural beauty for the health of your foliage. Plants are watered, misted, trimmed, cleaned, and shined on a weekly basis. 



Are the plants in your catalogue exclusive to what you work with?

No. The plants in our catalogue are just some of the plants we deal with on a regular basis. If you don't see the plant you are looking for we can order it for you.

How often do you maintain plants?

We come once a week to take care of your plants. This includes watering, misting, pruning, and sometimes replacement. 

How are proposals created?

We come to you at your leisure to survey your space and take pictures. Within a week we send you a proposal with photos of your space including our plants.