The Holiday Connection

Trees, Wreaths, and Other Decorations catered to your needs

We have been doing Holiday Design and installation for businesses and private residences primarily in the Baltimore area since 1990. We offer a wide range of holiday décor from traditional to the contemporary. Our talented and award-winning designers work with each client to create an exciting and festive look based on their needs. Our clients include sporting venues including The Baltimore Ravens and The Orioles Camden Yards. We also work with major hospitality chains such as the Holiday Inn and the Best Western.  It's never too early to plan for next year! Give us a call to set up an appointment and we can set up a proposal. 


Holiday F.A.Q.

What sizes of Christmas trees do you work with?

Our smaller trees range from 6-15 feet but we also have the capability of doing larger trees as big as 30 feet! 

What sizes of wreaths to you work with?

We work with wreaths as small as 24" to 8'. All wreathes over 48" require a permanent hanging eyelet to be installed. 

Does the plant connection sell Christmas decorations?

At the moment we only do annual contracts for the installation of holiday decorations during the winter season. 

What do you do with the holiday decorations during the year?

All decorations are housed in our special facility during the year.

How are holiday proposals created?

We make an appointment at your leisure and come survey your property to determine the best decorations for you! Within a week we submit a proposal to you and then we give you installation dates and removal dates. Although our Christmas season usually begins in early September, we are happy to create a proposal at any time during the year. 

Are your decorations safe for outdoors?

Yes! We do both interior decoration and exterior decoration. Exterior decorations are designed to specifically withstand the harsh winter months.